DatAdvantage Suite

Existing file servers lack the ability to quickly see who has access to data and what they’ve accessed, identify excessive permissions, lock down sensitive content, and identify data owners.
DatAdvantage enables you ensure that only the right people have access to the right data at all times, all access is monitored, and abuse is flagged.

  • Multi-Platform Support (Windows, Microsoft Exchange, Sharepoint, UNIX/Linux)
  • Sustainably Reduce Risk
  • Eliminate Operational Overhead & Increase Productivity
  • Prevent Data Breaches


One of the most frustrating problems employees face is not being able to easily find the files they are looking for when they need them.
DatAnswers provides efficient, secure search for human-generated content at an attractive price and with minimal infrastructure requirements.

  • Smart Meta Data
  • Understand relationships between people and data, profile access activity and behavior, and predict where permissions are incorrect

  • Intuitive & Secure Search
  • DatAnswers allows for highly relevant search results, while still protecting your sensitive data. Find what you're looking for (and nothing else!)

  • Flexible API
  • DatAnswers lets you integrate the search engine into your own apps!

  • Efficient Indexing
  • DatAnswers uses true incremental scanning, and only indexes files that have been created or modified since last run to promote efficiency


DatAnywhere is the fastest way to turn terabytes of on-premise data in SMB/CIFS network shares into a secure, enterprise-class private cloud.

  • Keep your data on your existing file servers or NAS
  • Monitor and control access to files
  • Setup rules to control access and remotely wipe devices
  • Safely share files with third parties
  • Sync with Windows, Mac OS X, iOS, and Android

Data Transport Engine

Moving data around isn’t easy. It can be downright nerve-wracking to migrate critical data under strict time constraints, minimal downtime, while ensuring that data is accessible to the right people when it gets to the destination.
With Data Transport Engine (DTE), organizations can easily move data from domain to domain, from file server to NAS or file server to SharePoint or vice versa. Say goodbye to the weekend shifts and all-nighters.

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